I'm happy to meet you on my homepage. Some of you may know me, from whereever that may be. I guess I've been around a little. Those who haven't met me yet will thus get the chance to change that sad fact ;-)

I am eager to keep up to date, thus I'm presenting myself on the web. I collect knickknacks, stuff, funnies or interesting things on this site. I try to get a bit of about everything I'm interested in (at least that is my aim). If you like to comment, criticize or anything else I'll be happy to receive mail.

Take care,
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P.S.: As to the fact that this site is still under construction, the variety may not yet be completely satisfying. Anyway there is more to come, I promise. This site is nicest with
the Star Trek Fonts. Download here.

P.P.S.: I've just met Ms. Marina Sirtis on Fed Con 8. And she gave me a kiss. Want to know why? Click here to find out.