It started out with Phoenix: As ninth graders, Achim, Mirjam, Rüdiger, Vera and Alex founded a band, to which I soon came, too. I didn't really have an idea about the function of my first electric guitar, but I was about to get a slight idea. After some sessions in the school's basement and central heating room plus a number of complaints, music teacher Thomas Herz thought we would make quite an addition to the school's choir. This was the birth of Phoenix - choir and band of the Wiedtal-Gymnasium in Neustadt Wied. The name however was found later on the day before our departure on our first tour to the partnership school in Cuiseaux, France. The name was well chosen, as every two or three years the band renews itself from the scratch, or to stay in the image, from the ashes.

Phoenix-Site (under construction)

Later Bands (sound examples for the daring are coming soon):

  • Racoon - TeenagerPunkMetal, Democassette: Is it this?
  • Seconds Of Pain - FunMetal, Democassettes:
  • Brainfade - Crazy Metal, Democassette: God Saves Ya! (1994)
    - God Saves Ya (M: Scherer L: Grendel)
    - Axes (M: Reuter L:Grendel/ Reuter)
    - Last Right (M: B. Grendel/C. Grendel/Scherer/Reuter L:Grendel)
    - Freedom (M: Scherer L: Grendel)
    - Russian Winter (M: Scherer L: Grendel)
    - Wrong (M: Neufeld L: Grendel)
  • Six Pix - PopRock, Democassette: We Walk (1996)
    - The Walk (M: Reuter/ Henning L:Reuter)
    - Fatman (M: Reuter/Henning L: Reuter)
    - Antagony (real audio file) (M: Lahr/ Reuter L:Reuter)
    - Clockwork life (M: Six Pix L:Reuter)
  • alive - RockPopFunkBluesSoulCover


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