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I plan to put here some pics of stars, actors and spaceships. Most of the pics are under the Copyright of Paramount and Viacom, so in case any of you is downloading these pics for your own homepages, make sure to announce the picture's ownership.

My experience on Fed Con 8


(photography from FedCon 8 guide, no source given, but obviously this is under the copyright of Paramount Pictures)

I have just been kissed by the (in my eyes) most lovely woman in the world!

How did that occurr? Well long story, simple explanation. I've been a Trekkie for some time now, and my favorite character has always been the TNG counsellor Deanna Troi (Why? I wrote a sonnet about that click here for that). So after being hooked on the Star Trek universe (my favorite Series, however, is DS 9) and buying the tapes of DS9 seasons 5 through 7, with two friends, at last I went to the Federation Convention in the Bonn Maritim Hotel. It took me a while to be prepared to spend so much money on a single weekend. So I went there and attended Marina Sirtis's panel (those are hours in which the actors answer questions),I waited in row at the Microphones (there were 5 of them to which you could walk up to in order to ask more or less silly questions, of which I've had heard a lot already on Friday) said as educated as I could

T: Hello Ms. Sirtis
M: Marina!
T: Okay, Marina then. You again look lovely today.
M: Thank you, you too. T: Thank you, err, well originally I intended to ask you a few questions on Friday, but as you stated more than once, that you prefer presents (she was kidding, however), I've come up with one. Iwrote you a poem. It's subtitled "sweet sonnet"...
M: Does it have fourteen lines?
T: Yes it does. However it is more in the Italian form than the English...
M: Oh, sorry
T: ...and it is called sweet sonnet, because the paper it's written on wraps Chocolate. Dark Chocolate, of course (She especially loves that). The Ferengi in me hoped that it might bribe me the way down to you (I was on the balcony).
M: Do you want to read it from down here?
T: I can read it from here, too.
M: Well, what do you want?
T: Come down.
M: Okay, go ahead then.
So I did. After she answered another question, she asked the security
M: (Looks around)Is he here yet
T: Yes I am
M: What's your name?
T: Thomas
M: Okay the stage is yours. I'll hold the microphone, No stand this way (turning me a few degrees further to the audience (2-3000 Trekkies). Oh you did that on your computer?
T: Yes
M: Smart.
T: Thank you. Okay, this was "To Ms. Sirtis", but I guess I'll have to change that into "Marina", err, I mean into "To Marina" then. (reading aloud)
(sweet sonnet)
I chose as color for my garment blue
Not to come appearing as a Trill
Nor due to another wished for skill
But because of the person whom you

Played, and thereby robbed of my time a few
Hours, making me watch the crew and their foes.
And while I enjoyed your appearance on shows
Slowly my pastime evolved and it grew

Into a new passion, from early a liking
Of science fiction, the very vast field
To something faintly resembling addiction.

The American Trek continued raised attraction
And by your eyes my fate was sealed:
I, too, wish to go galaxy-hiking.

M: That's brilliant! Thank you so much(kisses me!!!)
T: You're welcome. Mumble off in high spirits
M: I think the German audience is much more intelligent than the American. They would have written: "Roses are red, Lillies are blue, my name is Thomas and I love you." But this.. a sonnet, ...okay next question.