Science Fiction

In my early childhood my interest for Sci-Fi was founded by Space:1999. A friend of mine from Norway had a TV-set in Liberia at that time which we hadn't (thus my TV and movie addiction may be explained...). Returned to Germany, I was introduced to Star Trek, The Original Series (TOS), Star Wars, The Next Generation (TNG), and so on. I became a real sci-fi junky living under the English department's student council of Bonn, at that time chaired by Claudia Kern (who is today a well-known translator, e.g. she translated the Technical Manual). This was increased during the elections for a Bonn University Student's Parliament, where I was in the organizing board. During the week of voting we passed time watching Star Trek, waiting for phone calls and things that went wrong, and sending assistants wherever they were needed (if you'd like more information on German University Student Parliament elections, send me a mail). During this week we consumed about volumes 1 through 80 of TOS. After seeing an undubbed version of DS9, all resistance had been broken (it's futile, after all (-: ). I startet ordering the cassettes with two friends, and we meet at least once every two weeks to watch some Star Trek.

Soon I will offer you a guide to the series.